Sex Toys In A Man's Life

Sex toys are used by both men and women in equal numbers but research says that it is men for whom such tools come in handy at the time of their act with their spouse.

These sex toys are used both during the intercourse and also for self-pleasure in the absence of the partner.

In fact using them is the safest way of having self-satisfaction and these can easily and happily give you the real feel of being in bed with your spouse even in their absence; they can play the role of proxy easily.

But these sex toys are the bad toys in the eyes of many men for they think that they do or give something to their girlfriends which they are unable to and they feel that this is the reason for their use by increasing number of women. But this thought is completely absurd for these toys are not replacements but are only enhancers.

So the ones who have shunned these for so long should consider giving it a try and it is only then would they understand their improved efficiencies and capabilities to perform better than what they were before.

Make sex toys your bed-time sweeties

Now that we have seen about what sex toys can do in a relationship, let`s now take a look at some of the reasons for why they should be used and what they can do.

Use of such toys would make women feel their partner`s presence even in their physical absence when they masturbate. Yes, there are few toys like blindfolds, whips that can actually take them to the moment when they had really enjoyed their sexual life with their male partner and hence masturbation happens better with just the thoughts, even in the absence of the male. Similarly, even vibrators can make them feel and enjoy self-sex this way.

The use of sex toys needs to be very transparent. By this we mean, both the male and the female should feel comfortable using them. It should be used to enhance the feel of sex and not as a disturbance during the act. So both of them should freely communicate their comforts and discomforts to each other. Another important thing with the sex toys is that they need to be used with trust. Both of them should be open in telling the others why and how to use the sex toys and this is going to make the relationship better and closer. Another great reason for using these pleasure giving toys is that you will be able to fondly remember all that happened the previous night and hence you are always kept happy with just the thought of it.

Use of these sex toys the right and the correct way would help men last longer, without diminishing the pleasure given to the women. Yes, it would help you stay longer inside than usual unless and otherwise, it starts hurting. But ensure that your woman is comfortable being connected up with you for this long because otherwise, it might become boring for her and sometimes might even start hurting both of you.